Dynamic Bike fitting specialist

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Some of my publication   (Note:  The list is no longer up to date.)

  Électrolytes et déhydratation, c'est du sérieux    http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2017/02/IVFevMar20171.pdf
  Comprendre son métabolisme et mieux rouler  http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2016/10/IVSepOctNov16.pdf
  Maux et solutions, des pieds à la têtes (partie 2)    http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2016/08/IVaout2016.pdf
  Maux et solutions, des pieds à la têtes (partie 1)    http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2016/06/IVJuin2016.pdf
  Vélo de route, les pneus     http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2016/04/IVMai2016.pdf
  Les fesses   (ie: Les selles...)    http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2016/02/IVFevMarAvr20161.pdf
  Il fait froid mais je roule bien au chaud  (bases d’entrainement)     http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2015/11/IVDecJan2015.pdf
  Comment aller plus vite sans effort !     http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2015/09/IVSeptOct2015.pdf
  Le pédalier, le coeur du vélo!    http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2015/07/IVJuilletAout2015.pdf
  Trouver le bonheur sur son vélo   http://veloplaisirs.qc.ca/velo-plaisirs/uploads/2015/06/IVJuin2015.pdf

Who is Le Doc du Vélo?

I am Sylvain Lareau, a cycling enthusiast. Since I my  young age, I dismantle, repair and build bikes. You will see me on the road, bike paths as well as mountain bike trails. I am a member of  Vélo-Plaisirs club and write the articles under the heading “Trouvez le bonheur sur son vélo" (Find happiness on your bike) in the club journal (available free of charge).
I have a doctorate in science and I am always looking for new technologies. I stay on the cutting edge of information and apply the latest principles to everything I do.

My bike fitting expertise

I have been positioning for several years, but for the public at large since 2015.

I have a BikeFit / Medbridge certificate + training

I am always ready to take up challenges!