Dynamic Bike fitting specialist

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Advanced legs asymmetries correction.

The price for a complete bike fit is $185  + parts.
Follow-ups are included in the price for the next 60 days following the date of the first appointment. Rate for a partial fit is $75/hr.
The price includes all possible shoe and bike adjustments as well as minor parts and accessories (bolts, inclined wedges ...). We occasionally recommend changing certain components for more comfort or better efficiency. We include the installation of most parts.

Here are some examples of possible additional costs:
      Quality stems: $30 to $45 (most 38$)
      Saddle $100 - $230   
On occasion:
   Leg shim :  $22
   Currex BikePro insoles: $49
   Pedal spacers: $42 or $49 / pair
   Handlebars: $40 and more
   Crankset: on request
We have all the parts and accessories for the complete bikefit!

Payment method
  We prefer payment by cash or Interac direct transfer (you must have access to your bank account with your cell phone/tablet).

No surprise !
The customer will always be well informed of the options and possible additionnal costs
and always has the choice of accepting or refusing them.
Your satisfaction is my priority!

A complete positioning requires approximately 3 hours of work and includes:
   • The cyclist's hearing (discomfort / pain) and his objectives
   • Physical assessment (flexibility) and body measurements
   • Concordance with the bike and the dimensions of the components
   • Observation of the cyclist in action on an intelligent stationary bike
      (side and front views)
   •  Diagnosis. Correct body position and if necessary, limb asymmetries.
   •  Road test and adaptation period when necessary
   •  Follow-up free of charge
A comprehensive report is included.

You will need to bring your bike, your biking shoes as well as tight-fitting clothing (ex: cycling shorts, sleeveless top). This will allow to see the movement of the legs and the position of the body on the video. We have a private room to change on the spot.
For saddle testing, cycling shorts with little or no padding are recommended.

About dynamic bike fitting

Dynamic bike fitting uses video recording to observe the cyclist in action on a trainer. Our analysis software replicates the movements and calculates the angles of the limbs and body. Analysis of the data allows us to make necessary bike and shoe adjustments to maximize comfort, power, and better aerodynamics.

Side and front view videos.

Saddle impression taken to analyse disconfort

Advanced arms asymmetries correction.

Advanced arms and legs asymmetries correction.