Dynamic Bike fitting specialist

(819) 307 - 5117

We offer an advanced bike fitting service for cyclists in the Gatineau/Ottawa area.

By appointment only ...

I am generally available during the day, evenings and weekends. You can contact me via the form below, by email or phone. To simplify booking, please suggest 2 or 3 possible date and time options.

What to bring

For a bike fit, you will be asked to pedal on your bike installed in a stationary trainer. You will need to bring your bike, your biking shoes as well as tight-fitting clothing (ex: cycling shorts, sleeveless top). This will allow to see the movement of the legs and the position of the body on the video. We have a private room to change on the spot.
For saddle testing, cycling shorts with little or no padding are recommended.

Send an E-mail using the form below or to info@ledocduvelo.ca

Le Doc du Vélo  - Sylvain Lareau

81 Thérèse, Gatineau, Qc  J8R3G9
Tel : (819) 307 - 5117
E-mail : info@ledocduvelo.ca